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Sorry it’s been so long. I’m gonna go back to a ASAP post regime.
Welcome To The Tasmania Recap

So. Since my last post, we drove up to St. Helen’s, a small town along the Tasmanian coast. Then we moved along to Launceston, a small city in Tasmania. That night I played with a Tassie band at one of their practices. The next day we drove up to the Platypus House (and Echidna Gardens) and got to see live platypuses and echidnas. That night, we stayed in the Deloraine hostel. Sounds fancy, but it was a “rubbish tip (landfill)” as someone else described it later. We returned to Launceston and returned to a mobile phone sim-card provider that we had tried to get internet from, multiple times, without success, and finally got it worked out. I got my 2nd french assignment in on time. The next day I went to a workshop held by the St. Andrews Caledonian Society Pipe Band. Then we went down to the Freycinet Peninsula for a three day loop hike. During that time we saw 1 wombat, 9 wallabies, 10 skinks, 1 opossum. And there were these funny signs on the drive out. They included “The Kangaroo Repair Shop: We’ll Hop On It” (photos to follow later). As for now, we are in a camper, camping on a national park peninsula. Oh yeah, the footy final is on the radio and we’re listening to the Geelong Cats Winning speechs. That is it for my recap! Bye!

Welcome to land of stores that close at 6

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We arrived in Tasmania yesterday. It’s so cool here. I had a hamburger for breakfast yesterday. If that’s not cool, I don’t what is (not like I do anyway!). I’m starting on a weekly post regime, Until next week!

today Sydney, Tomorrow Tasmania

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This is my last day in Sydney. Details @ 7:00

I have seen a platypus!

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I saw a platypus today!
they’re so cute and venomous! My Dad thinks a platypus looks like a duck bill stapled to an otter. Ayeyeye. I also got bit by a royal spoonbill. It didn’t really hurt. It just startled me. Like I saw this duck thing walk up to randomly. Then it BITES me. As napoleon dynamite would say “geeze, like come on!” Till next time!


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Hi, this is Robin (who else) to say that I’ve touched the Sydney Opera House, in Sydney, Australia. Please make yourselves users so you can enter comments.  It’s so beautiful here, I’m sure everyone would love something here (i.e. Stuart would love to see how efficient transit is.) I’m trying to find a plug-in for photos, so it may take awhile to get some proof on the web.

I’ll post again soon,


P.S. Can someone scan a class photo and email it to me?

This Is Not a Test

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It’s an attempt to prove that QuickPress works better than Microsoft Notepad. This is not a test. Like how this is not a pipe.

Just insert that into the URL

Good image, eh?

Hello world!

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