To Be a Teen in Kathmandu

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is not actually as cool as it sounds. I’ve been overworking myself on school, not doing so well on piping, sick with something and missing my friends, or more precisely, other thirteen year old boys. But all is not bad, because I ‘m ahead in school, for the most part. Not too mention learning “the blue cloud” a hard , but fun piping tune. The power-outages have continued, but are starting to cope. I have been drawing stuff and scanning it into the computer. Mom does… something, not quite sure what. And Dad does something too. Oh yeah. He comes home from work. That’s what he does. I’m including scanned images. One is a crazy space plane the other is a mix between an apache helicopter and a mv-22 osprey. Both done with water colors. I’m kinda nuts with drawing right now.

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  1. LeeAnne says:

    November 1st, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    Hey Robin,
    I love the drawings. Keep doing what you love. May the Kathmandu teenagers come out of the woodwork soon.
    Take good care,

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