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Sorry I’ve been so longSo this is my first week in Nepal. And it has been quite a first few days. First, while traveling from Sydney, we stopped in Bangkok for 22 hours. While we were boiling in Bangkok, we got to see a small amount of the city. We got to see people feeding fish, that would later be caught and sold, by throwing bread into the water. We departed for Kathmandu a about 2 and arrived around 4. It was interesting going through customs, because they made us fill small forms regarding our health. Once through health check, we had to wait a good 20 minutes in line to see a customs official. Then we took our stuff down one floor, and someone with a trolley took us to our stuff loaded it on his trolley and led us to the exit where he started bartering for $15 AUD ( Australian Dollars), us not realizing what a bartering society this was, gave it to him. Once outside we met with Tatwa, the head of ICA Nepal. He and Salik, a business partner, took us to our accommodation where we were pleasantly surprised by a apartment with two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Previously it had been described as “a space” and “two rooms.” My first night was sleepless, or so it seemed. The next day was was long, but interesting, with Mom stopping looters across the street, and Dad and I managing to get lost. We also had trouble with bank machines, traveler’s checks, and finding a cheap grocery store. In all though it was productive, with us finding all sorts of things for the internet, breakfast, and calcium intake. We had dinner at Tatwa’s house and enjoyed it very much. The dinner included roast chicken, local chips, peanuts, veggies, rice and yoghurt. It was very good. Kathmandu was really wet and dark last night. At least it was raining and there was a blackout. The joke on the way back from the ancient Durbar Square (actually the Café de Patan) (in massive flooding) (through a bunch of puddles[not puggles]) was ‘anyone want a [squelch] cold shower when [squelch] we get home?’ It was a cold wet march back to our Cohpendale apartment. Were we ever a grateful family to be in a our dry apartment, that also had power. This is Robin, saying til next time, Namaste.

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  1. Shirley Robertson says:

    October 10th, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Very interesting description of your early days Robin. Two bathrooms. Wow!!!! and your Mom said you had a roof deck. Do you play your pipes out there???

    So i need to be prepared for rain??? Ithought this was the “dry” season in Nepal.

    ‘t wait to see you.

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